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Finger Relief

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Our Mission

The QWERTY keyboard passed the test of time, a hundred years past when a haircut was a dime. But when that keyboard was used as intended, it left typists' fingers very bended - torturing its users like they committed a crime.

To the typists' rescue, came Finger Relief, and it promised to fix the keyboard's broken belief because QWERTY is toxic waste technology, a shame and harm to America's physiology.

In the century past, QWERTY's inventor designed (not for the typist, but with his machine in mind) "So my keys won't jam, I'll raise the Es and the Ts,
Not on the home row to find those keys." With that design in mind, he fooled mankind, (into thinking there was only one way to type).

Finger Relief® replaces the QWERTY keyboard plan, so you can finish your work and get a tan.  Our goal and program: easier to learn, lighter on the touch, type faster if needed, modernize the data entry business, and convenience!

All Finger Relief software is free of viruses and tested witht Norton Antivirus.


Our New Keyboard hardware: